What is Fotona 4D Laser Face Lift?

Fotona4D Laser FaceliftThe process of aging and the damaging effect of the sun on our skin start showing up with time in not so glamorous ways. So what can we do to enhance the integrity of our skin, protect it and preserve our beauty?

First it is important to understand what is happening with the aging process and the effects of the sun on our skin. After age 25 years old, we start loosing connective tissue and bone mass. As a result, the face starts to sag in critical areas which we call aging. The sun causes fine lines and wrinkles and sometimes even carves out deep grooves which gives the skin a weathered and leathery appearance. How does our 4D Laser Face lift helps with these problems?

At Millennium Medical and Spa we have the only laser that is FDA approved for be used on mucosal surfaces. First, we start the treatment from inside the mouth targeting the Naso-labial folds, the marionette lines and generate collagen production in the lips and the cheeks. In the second step we move to the outside and remove unwanted facial hair, generate collagen production at targeted depth and enhance the vector lines. The 3rd step is to tighten the skin. And the 4th step involves a light peel to reveal the underlining new skin.

All This With No Down Time! If you’re ready to feel like your reliving your youth, please schedule your appointment today. You will be happy you did!


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