The right approach to preserving your youthfulness

by Dr. Keviene Rutherford MD

We are all concerned about the changes that occur as we get older. In general we want to preserve our youthfulness. But perhaps more than anything else is the fact that we do not like the way those changes make us feel about our selves.  It is not unusual that we sometimes look at an earlier picture of ourselves and wish we were still there. The point is that we like the way we used to be and in many cases we don’t want drastic changes to the point where we are made into something other than our true selves. In other words, we want our treatment to look as natural as possible and adhere to the true likeness of our younger selves. But what is the best way to maintain a true image of ourselves, keep our beauty and make it look as natural as possible.  



skinThe left side represents younger skin while the right side depicts aging skin. You can see that the epidermis,  dermis, stratus corner, stratum spinous and stratum basale are more prominent on the left.  You can also the matrix is more organized on the left than on the right.  That means there is more fibroblast, keratinocyte, more collagen and more elastin on the left. There are also more hair follicles on the left


As a results of those microscopic changes, this is how we see ourselves  young vs old age



Although we may feel as if our bodies are failing us, the truth is that  our bodies are masters at keeping us beautiful and our bodies have the keys to bring us back to where we were before. Simply speaking, let our bodies do the work for us. However, we do understand that when our bodies do the work, it is slower but we end up with a more natural and a more sustained response. Well, some of you may logically ask, Dr. Rutherford, if our bodies are failing, how can we  expect our them to reverse the changes that has occurred over many years? That is a perfectly logical question. 

In the past 20 years, not only have we acquired a significant amount of knowledge about the aging process, but we have also acquired an understanding of how to intervene to reverse that those changes and we now have the technology to help us to do so.

At Millennium Medical and Spa, we emphasize “Redefining Beauty From The Inside Out.”  We now have lasers that can target the tissue at specific depth without damaging the outer skin. At whatever depth we choose, we redirect the body at the cellular level to start making collagen and elastin connective tissue fibers again. We can do the same with BodyTite, FaceTite and Morpheus8 which uses radio frequency energy to achieve the same end.  With these techniques, we get a measurable and quantifiable increase in the skin thickness. We also see qualitative changes in the quality of the collagen and elastin fibers at the cellular matrix level.  What that means for you is thicker skin and better support which equals less sagging and less wrinkling.  Another common problem with aging is that we also develop loose skin.  We can also shrink the skin by up to 40% to give you the tightness you need and this also helps to smooth out the skin and minimize wrinkles.  In short, we can give you the equivalent of a surgical facelift without the surgery and without the down time.  You will notice an improvement immediately, but you will continue to improve over the next 12 months. And last but not least, it cost significantly less than a surgical face lift and you have no scars.  The beauty of this method is that your body remembers what your face used to look like and so when we stimulate our own bodies to do the repairs, we don’t have to worry about under filling, over filling or side effects from fillers. Notwithstanding, we have the option of combining these techniques with several other modalities to make you look and feel your best. At Millennium Medical and Spa, it’s all about “Redefining Your Beauty From The Inside Out.”

Here are some real patients:

Before and After


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